Thursday, 5 July 2012

Send Mail From Database Sever using gmail

Send mail from SQL Database Server using following steps:

Step 1- Select Mananagement section in choose Database Mail

Step 2- Right-Click on Database Mail and choose Configure Database Mail menu
Step 3- Database Mail Configuration Wizard will open click on Next button.
Step 4- Select Configuration Task and select Set up Database Mail by performing the following tasks and  click on next button.

Step 5- Create New Profile by entering Profile name and Description and click on Add Button.

Step 6- Add Account to Profile, add Account Name to My Gmail Account and click on New Account Button.
Step 7- New Database Mail Account dialog box will open enter your gmail email address and Server name to and port 587. In SMTP Authentication select Basic authentication and enter your gmail credentials and click ok.

Step 8-Your new profile is created select public check box and set default profile yes and click on Next button.

Step 9- Configure System Parameters if you want otherwise remain it default and click on Next button.
Step 10-In this section your Database Mail Configuration Wizard Completed and click on Finished Button.
Step 11- Now close the Wizard after successful completion of Database Configuration Wizard.

Step 12- To test mail configuration right-click on Database Mail and choose Send Test E-Mail Menu

Step 13- Select Database Mail Profile and enter other detail and click on Send Test E-Mail button.